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Our Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled steel is an ideal choice for manufacturers looking for a beautiful surface finish. We strive for quality and uniqueness. For heavy gauge, wide plate HRPO steel, contact us today!

We are a leader in supplying superior quality HRPO Steel to various business niches. With our high-end technical expertise and expert team, we adhere to international standards that help in improving workability and ductility.


What Is hot rolled pickLEd And oiled steel?

Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled (HRPO) steel is hot rolled steel coil that has been descaled of an oxide film, and coat with zinc to give the steel a uniform appearance.

The hot rolled pickled and oiled process removes impurities and scale from the steel, resulting in a smoother surface. This process also provides added corrosion resistance and makes the steel easier to work with. 

HRPO steel is used for a myriad of applications as a perfect alternative to cold-rolled steel while offering improved workability and availability. The pickling and oiling process produces sturdy hot rolled steel providing better bending, stamping, and forming. When it comes to simple bends, complex draws, or structural applications requiring a specific strength level, the application of HRPO steel is popular.

Our experience and knowledge give nearly 100% accurate delivery of low-carbon, high-carbon, and stainless steel. We take pride in supplying on-demand, cost-effective, pickled, and oiled steel at lower wholesale prices. Our professional steel experts can even customize your steel if you have a specific requirement. 

A36 Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled Steel

product features of hrpo steel

The smoother surface of hot rolled pickled steel upgrades the laser cutting, forming, stamping, bending, painting, and welding that ensures both, high-quality parts and production savings. 

Rust resistance

The process of pickling and oiling makes the HRPO Steel plate rust-resistant.

Easy cutting and piercing

Because of the scale-free and smooth surface, the HRPO Steel sheet can be easily cut and pierced. 


Hot rolled pickled & oiled steel sheets create amazing cost-saving opportunities related to downstream processing such as bending, welding, forming, etc.

Clean surface  

Clean, scale, smooth, and defect-free exposed surface availability.

Better Weldability

HRPO metal is known for better weldability that avoids repeated weld failures.

Improved Workability

The enhanced workability improves bending, forming, and stamping.

Making Process of HRPO Steel  

HRPO Steel is processed with a concentrated acid solution – this technique is known as Pickling. It’s done to remove unwanted elements, foreign particles, rust, and stains that form on the steel surface by long-term exposure to oxygen.
The steel sheets and coils are dipped into hydrochloric acid tanks causing a reaction that removes these contaminants, known as scaling. After the acid is washed away and dried, a thin layer of oil is applied to make it rust-resistant. Oiling and pickling make the steel malleable, durable, and cleaner to paint. 

industries & applications of hrpo steel

Service Centers:-

Metal Service Centers stock pickled steel and offer a heavy-gauge product with a superior and clean surface finish. One of the greatest HRPO Steel properties is that there is no hassle and cost of blasting involved. Its fabrication benefits help the customer base improve both, manufacturing processes and end product.


The HRPO Steel’s chemical composition makes it a perfect choice for manufacturers of mining or construction trucks. They value an aesthetically satisfying surface finish. It’s best suited for pumper trucks, garbage trucks, excavators, and many more applications. Also, its tested fabrication benefits improve the overall production processes.


Sophisticated fabricators always look for ways to improve their processes and products. Because of the HRPO Steel density, using it in the structures improves the manufacturing processes such as laser cutting, painting, welding, and forming. In case heavy-gauge steel is used in all the high visible years, HRPO steel application gives a better surface finish and efficient processing. 

Difference between HRPO steel sheet and HRPO Steel Coil

As the name implies, hot rolled & pickled steel sheets and coils differ from each other in shape, size, and thickness. They both have individual applications in different industries, which is why they have different functions and usability. The processing of the HRPO Steel sheet and coil are the same but the sheet is formed after the coil is cut following the length, and the strip is produced through the de-coiling method. If the width of the steel is more than 60 cm, it forms a coil, whereas, if it’s less, it’s a sheet.

The longer steel sheets can be rolled into coils, therefore it occupies a smaller volume. The steel coils can be handled, transported, and further processed more easily than the sheets. This is why the coils have a higher popularity in the market. Being a leading HRPO Steel supplier in the USA, and Canada, we ship nearly 600,000 tons of sheets every year – thanks to our state-of-the-art stretching, cutting, and leveling machinery. 

HRPO Steel frequently asked questions

Alloy steels and carbon steels are designated by a 4-digit number for classification. While the first two digits denote the alloying element concentration and the steel type, the last two digits specify the carbon content of the metal.

The defects of the continuous cast steel items arise due to a range of multiple factors. Some of the causes of defects in steel are cold shortness, cavities or blow-holes, segregation, and red shortness. 

The HRPO steel grades are determined by the toughness of the steel. Manufacturers, suppliers, and customers can select a suitable HRPO steel grade based on the application and the type of product the steel will be used for. 

The pickling and oiling produces durable and formable hot rolled steel. It also provides a cleaner and smoother surface for painting HRPO steel with a limited barrier to rust formation.

The HRPO steel involves processing the steel at extremely high temperatures followed by pickling and oiling. On the other hand, the stainless steel grades can be either cold rolled or hot rolled, however, that depends upon the need and procedure of the application. 

Yes, absolutely! Painting HRPO steel is easily possible as its surfaces are free from impurities like rust, stains, as well as scales. This gives a glossy and aesthetically pleasing finish. 

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